Adulted Today Award! Box Pop Folding Card Tutorial

Hello my crafty friends. Welcome to today’s blog. I am featuring i-crafter’s Ribbon Rosette Funny Add Ons.  These sassy sayings are so funny.  I had a hunch they might fit in the trophy  from the Trophy & Pennants dies.  I thought I would create a Box Pop foldable card. I am using six i-crafter die sets in this 3D card.

I started by die cutting a few  of the Rosette Funny Add On dies from  a mirrored gold cardstock.  Next I positioned the trophy die over the die cut words and cut out three trophies.  

A – I chose to use the Adulted Today and the Did My Best trophy.  I die cut one more trophy from a lime green cardstock.  I die cut two of the Box Pop post from the lime green cardstock

B – I glued one of the gold trophies to the green trophy I turned this over and attached one of the green posts to the bottom of the trophy and glued the second gold trophy on top

C – Using the Happy Birthday Wiper Add On dies, I  die cut ten balloons from five different types of cardstock (two of each color)  and two balloon string from white cardstock.  I die cut the star cluster from the Box Pop Unicorn Add On 4 times using a different pieces shiny or holographic cardstock from each cluster. Two die cuts are made facing the shiny cardstock and two facing the back side of the cardstock.  I glued them together creating two star clusters    

D – I decided to use only one balloon cluster.  I attached one of the Balloon strings to the second green post and tuned it over to glue the second set of balloon strings backward to match.  I arranged  the balloons and glued one side in place ,  I turned it over and matched the balloons on the other side

E – I die cut two Box Pop Oval bases form a fun cardstock with a photo flash pattern.  I added the slit insert to each side

F – I folded each base side on the fold lines and attached it to the tab using Extreme Double Sided Tape.  I added the Extreme tape to the tab at the bottom of the star cluster and pealed of the adhesive backing.  I gently positioned the star cluster through the slot and attached it to the floor of the oval base.  I did the same with the second star cluster to other side of the oval base

G – I used the Extreme Double Sided Tape to attached one side of the trophy  post to the flat inside of the oval base and cut off the excess at the bottom.  I cut off the excess post at the bottom of the balloons and attached to the side of box Pop Oval to the side of the trophy.  I used the Extreme Double Sided Tape to attached the two Box Pops together sealing the trophy and the balloons in the middle of the box pop oval base

H – Laying the box pop flat I added Extreme Double Sided Tape to attached to the side tabs and attached each side to the other where the slot connector is. 

I, J, and K – I die cut the Comic words  Bam and Wow from printed and black cardstock.  I put the letters together framing the printed paper with the black  letter outlines and added Extreme Double Sided Tape to attached to the back and I removed the release paper and attached  the word to each side of the oval base completing the3D Box Pop Adulted Today card

i-crafter Products

Ribbon Rosette Funny Add On die

Box Pop Oval Base dies

Box Pop Unicorn Add On die

Trophy & Pennants dies

Birthday Wiper Insert dies

Comic Words dies

Thanks you so much for stopping by today for my i-crafter blog post.  I hope you enjoyed learning how to create this sassy Adulted Today Box Pop folding card.  Please let me know if you have any question or comments!

Visit the i-crafter website for more inspiration and see new dies and stamps.  Make sure to follow i-crafter on Instagram too

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