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Whale Done

Whale Hello!

I’m so excited to share my creation using i-crafter’s Box Pops, Whale Done Add-On die set! I have been a sucker for whales since Free Willy came out when I was young, but for my project, instead of an Orca, I modified my whale to create a Minke Whale instead. 

I started my project by using a 3″ x 5″ Gel Press, 4 shades of blue acrylic paints, and Sassy & Crafty’s Mermaid Tails Stencil to create a pretty ocean for my whale to swim in. After I was happy with my print, I used the i-crafter Animal Mini Envelopes die set and cut out the gift card envelope base.

They are similar enough to Orcas that I felt I could use the die, but their dorsal fin sits a bit further back so after I cut my whale out of watercolor paper, I carefully cut the fin off the top. 

 Next, I watercolored the two pieces, being careful to change the pattern of the markings from what is cut with the die to be more in line with what a Minke looks like. Once My watercoloring came out a bit darker than I was wanting, but the light spots are perfect for the dark silvery color that these whales are typically colored. After they finished drying, I glued the dorsal fin on towards the back half of the whale.

For the back of the gift card envelope, there was a bit of a gap where my print ended and the center of the envelope. I used a sponge to fill that space in with the darkest blue. I used another print attempt for the back top flap of the gift card envelope. This was a lighter blue but also used the Sassy & Crafty’s Mermaid Tails Stencil. From i-crafter’s Box Pops, Whale Done Add-On die set, I also cut out the “Whale Done!” sentiment out of scrap silver mirrored cardstock.

This was my first time using either of these die sets, but I am SO pleased with the results! A gift card fits in perfectly, and I can easily add this into a card or package without adding a bunch of weight.

I hope that you enjoy this project as much as I enjoyed creating it! 

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Until next time,
Rachel Winn

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